SkySlope Transaction Management

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How to Create a Transaction

Below is a quick video to demonstrate on how to create a transaction. Remember, you will want to create a transaction if you represent the buyer of the property. If you have already created a listing and now have a contract on it, you’ll want to convert that listing in to a transaction instead of creating a separate transaction for the same property.

How to Create a Listing

Below is a quick video on how to create a listing. Remember, if you represent the seller of the property, you want to start by creating it as a listing first.

How to Convert a Listing into a Transaction

In order to convert your listing into a transaction, be sure to have uploaded your items against the checklist. If you haven’t uploaded a document against each checklist item then you can’t proceed!

Once you’ve finished uploading to your listing, click “Manage Listings” and single-click the desired listing. Then simply click “Accepted Contract” at the top and you’ll be sent straight to your transaction!